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We want to become your financial life partner. This is why we create access to professional financial services and offer you a new level of financial wellness. Starting with investing.

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This is how financial services should be like today.

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Time to get started without paperwork, minimum investment and bad surprises.

Be ready in 5 minutes only: fully digital and without a video call. Professionally invest any amount together with us. And don’t worry, Kaspar& stands for fair and transparent pricing.

Invest your change. With every payment.

With Kaspar&Credit Card you will be able to save and invest change with every transaction for the first time.

Keep a focus on your personal goals.

Define your individual goals. We will make sure you achieve them. Each goal in your own way!


It’s time to give financial services a clear and transparent price.

Kaspar& will be Switzerland’s first wealth manager with a flat-fee pricing model.